You could be forgiven for thinking that radio advertising consists solely of 30s spots, broadcast at regular intervals. But Radio ads are going beyond the commercial break to get their message across – by hijacking the conversation, messing with the format, or using technological innovations.

To mark our new Innovative Use of Radio , we look at a number of innovative radio ad campaigns that go beyond the spot.

We celebrate the very best of radio advertising on stations across India and acknowledge the contribution of advertising agencies, media agencies.

We encourage and reward the development of effective and creative radio commercials reflecting a social message.

Your Radio Advertisement should:

  • Entries in all categories are open to all Indian languages and English.

  • All entries MUST be submitted in the original language of the work.

  • If the original language is not English or Hindi, we strongly recommend that you also submit an English language version of the work.

  • A CD must also be sent along with a covering letter giving details of the award entry .

  • Appeal to people to convey the desired social message